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Альбом:True Magic
Артист:Mos Def
Размер10259260 байт

Скачать Mos Def - Undeniable бесплатно

Исполнитель Mos Def, Песня Undeniable

Текст песни Undeniable:
What it is, what you want?
Live your life right
Make the beat the bump
It's like one for the treble
Two for the bass
Three for the pretty babies up in the place
The undeniable

Come to the party in a B-boy stance
I rock on the mic
And the world wanna dance
Fly like a dove
That come from up above
I'm rockin on the mic
And you can call me Mos love
Little homie you can call it what you want
But you can't call it weak
And you can't call it chump
And looking like that
Babe you need to call me up
Seven eighteen D-a-n-t-e, one what?

These jokers don't want none
And all the pretty mommies want some
Tell 'em come
BK do it how Biggie say
Spread love

R. Harrison, throw it on get 'em up
Dispirit and raw till they can't get enough
Haters get it twisted
Real niggaz get it done
Buck down like a live round
Not a dum dum, bop bop
And you know, you know (make 'em say)

(No matter how hard you try
You can't stop us now)
Yea, the undeniable
(There ain't no future in fronting
So just love me now)
Yea, the undeniable

So I start a flow
just want y'all to know
just who your listening to
Black Dante
So listen let me tell ya
Who I am, and how I do
The undeniable

Respect a foundation that they can't hold
And it's bullet, shatter, and earthquake proof
See how I drop the jewel
It's the golden rule
A-B-C Always be cool
They need to teach it at every school It's the
A-B-Y Always be you
Def, and I always been true
Real, true
Skill, true Ill

Ghetto world I know exactly how it feels
(Some go work, and some go steal)
Children grow, women produce
And we rock on no matter what what you do

(No matter how hard you try
You can't stop us now)
Yea, the undeniable
(There ain't no future in fronting
So just love me now)
Yea, the undeniable

Yea, the undeniable, spread love y'all
6x spread love, it's the Brooklyn way
13x spread love, [alternating]
every day, Brooklyn way, can't deny, no
matter how hard you try

[Singing] can't deny, can't deny, can't deny
spread love you can give us a one

Uh, What it is, what you want
Get your mind right
It's the beat to bump
It's like one for the treble, two for the bass
Make no mistake, you are rockin with
Black Dante
The undeniable
Ha, Yea, The undeniable
Raw, dynamic, and real
You got the feel
Yea, the undeniable
Spread love
Spread love
Yea, the undeniable

Brooklyn way
So good to you
So hood to you

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